Digital Preservation

The Punjab Archives Digitization Project will begin to digitize and preserve the valuable historical records contained in the archive.


You can volunteer to facilitate the transcription and cataloguing of the records and documents which are digitized.

Public Access

The Digital Archive will be made accessible online. The materials in the Punjab Archives can also be accessed in person.

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[translation by Dr. Frances W. Pritchett]

Ghalib's correspondence with the Chief Secretary of Punjab, 1866/67

Telegrams announcing the British Capture of Delhi, 1857

Sir Syed's Letter to the Governor of Punjab, 1867

Painting of Maharaja Ranjit Singh & Shah Zaman at Shalimar Garden, 1799

Anarkali’s Tomb

Anarkali’s Tomb, which houses the Historical Records Office of the Punjab Archives Department, is a majestic example of Mughal architecture. It was built in 1615 C.E and is popularly believed to be a tribute to the great love of Emperor Jehangir, Sharf un Nisa Begum- more famously known as Anarkali. The true story about this tomb and its occupant remain shrouded in mystery although many speculative theories are regularly put forward. During the Sikh, and later the British rule in Punjab, ‘Anarkali’s Tomb’ has been put to various uses. Read More.



The Punjab Archives Digitization Project is being headed by Dr. Umar Saif, the Chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board, and Dr. Ismat Tahira, the Secretary of the Punjab Archives and Libraries Department. Read More.