The Punjab Archives contain an invaluable treasure of records from both the precolonial and colonial eras. These records span several centuries and are of tremendous academic and cultural value.

The Punjab Archives Project has been designed by the Punjab Archives and Libraries Department and the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). The aim of the project is to begin to preserve (both digitally and physically) and comprehensively catalogue the contents of the Punjab Archives. The project will digitize the material stored in the archives and provide access to it through a comprehensive digital platform. Since the archives collection is so huge, the project will be carried out in successive phases. In its first phase, which shall span two years, an estimated number of 500, 000 pages will be scanned and made digitally available. As this number constitutes only a small percentage of the entire collection of the Punjab Archives, a Steering Committee will be nominated at the commencement of the project to decide which part of the collection shall be digitized in this phase.

The project has just moved out of the design phase and currently, the requisites for its implementation are being finalized and readied.